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Amore per il caffè

The discovery of the coffee plant had its origin in the Kaffa region in Ethiopia, when a goat herder noticed that his animals, after eating the red berries began to have a restless behavior. So the shepherd decided to boil some berries, getting a drink with energetic properties.

In the fifteenth the Arabs went into Ethiopia and stole the seeds of coffee from where they would become then large plantations in Yemen.

In 1700, an officer of the French navy, sailed to the Caribbean with two coffee seedlings, arriving in Martinique. From there, in the following decades, the plants spread rapidly throughout Central America.

To be the first there is no need to arrive the first

The coffee in Italy and in Naples

Thanks to its business relations in the Middle East, Venice was the first to make use of coffee in Italy, since the sixteenth, when they began to open the first coffee shops.
In the XVIII century every European cities had at least one cafes (named circles - coffee house).

t was in 1614 when the musicologist Pietro della Valle diparted for the Holy Land.
There, he falt in love with a beautiful woman and stayed there for 12 years.

He did not forget his friends in Naples which he remained in contact with by letter, including the poet Mario Schipano. In one of the 56 letters, Pietro della Valley wrote him the history of a very special drink called "Kahve" that Muslims consumed after meals or after Ramadan

A fragrant liquid that came out of the pots placed on the fire and poured into small porcelain bowls, continuously emptied and filled.
Stories said that he has brought to Naples this mythical “kahve”/caffè...but we do not have certain confirmation about it.

In 1794, a famous Neapolitan gastronome -Vincenzo Corrado- combined coffee with chocolate in his treaty, as it seemed to him a reason that something so good was so little known to the people.

In the early ‘800 he made his first appearance the "Coffee Pots" running through the city equipped with 2 pots, one full of milk and the other for coffee.
Today in Naples, as in the rest of the world coffee is associated to the symbol of friendship, the care for the mselves and for their own good mood.