Capsule caffè per ufficio e casa

Capsule Line

Feeling is a new blend produced for our capsule, so that all coffee’s aromas remain fresh and protected from the oxygen and humidity.

Mio cafè capsules can be fit with Lavazza & Nespresso machines. Compatibility is suitable for Nespresso & Lavazza capsule, but does not replace the original product by “Societè Des Produits Nestlè s.a.s. Luigi Lavazza S.p.a”

Feeling is a blend composed of Arabica from South America. You feel the rich fruity aroma and the intense body.

    100 unit/carton • Compatible capsules
Capsule caffè per ufficio e casa

Coffee pod

With our Coffee pods, we created superb blends for espresso as pods as at the coffee bar, anywhere and anytime, at the touch with the button.

Espresso Pod: A blend of prestigious coffee with strong flavor, rich of cream.
Arabica Pod: Intense and spiced aroma with a chocolate note, for a gourmet palate.
Dek Pod: The right dose for a cup of a perfect coffee with low caffeine at home as in the bar.

    150 unit/carton
Capsule caffè per ufficio e casa

Aromatized pod

Mio Cafè provides a complete range of coffee products accessories for those who like to appreciate a different flavor:

Aromatized coffee pods: caramel, almond, chocolate, ginseng, cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, barley, orange and chocolate.

Aromatized tea pods: lemon tea, peach tea, berries, camomille, black tea.

    50 unit/carton