Coffee recipes

Caffè espresso

25 cl of coffee in 25 seconds

The heart of every Mio Cafè coffee drink and one of the hardest to get right.
A single espresso consists of 7 grams of coffee, tamped just right. The espresso should pour out of the handle like 'honey off a spoon' -not too fast and not too slow. When our baristas train in making espresso they time their pour. The perfect espresso will have a good golden brown 'crema' which reforms whenstirred.


25 cl of espresso +10/15cl of whipped milk

The classic Italan morning tradition. Our unique blend of espresso combined with steamed velvety milk and sealed with a frothy dome. And yes you can have a light dusting of chocolate powder which provides an optional finishing touch although most Italians would refrain!


2,5cl of espresso + 2,5cl of water

Originally created by American G.I.s who found the traditional Italian espresso a little too strong for their tastes.
The Americano features two or more shots of our rich blend of espresso, diluted with an equal amount of hot water. You should still see the 'crema' (although lighter) indicating that the espresso was correctly made.


Espresso ristretto

A big hit with the espresso aficionados.
A shorter extraction of our distinctively rich secret blend, made with less water for a shorter, stronger and more intense espresso.An acquired taste.


Espresso Marocchino
2,5cl of espresso + 2,5cl whipped milk + a shot of cacao

A single shot of our rich dark espresso topped with a touch of milk and finished with an island of cacao. To serve in glass.


Espresso Con Panna

Two shots of our deliciously strong espresso, topped off with a swirl of whipped cream.


Espresso Mocaccino
2,5 cl of espresso + 3 cl of hot chocolate + whipped cream

Pour the hot chocolate on the bottom of the glass. Dilute with one shot of espresso and a rich amount of whipped cream. Complite with a shot of cacao.


Latte macchiato
2,5 of espresso + 10/15 of whipped milk

The all day classic. A strong base of our rich and tasty espresso, blended with plenty of steamed milk and finished with a layer of milk froth, creates a wonderful flavour.